Market Research

Inet works with market researchers on how to best engage the mobile population. To save significant costs, Inet uses existing survey platforms to render traditional internet surveys for the mobile (i.e. smartphone and tablet) user. But the most challenging aspect of mResearch is how to make it simple. It requires learning on how to best deploy a researhcers methods and meet the mobile user expectations. Inet works with a researcher to help them design surveys that minimize the number of questions and data points, investigate the use of mobile app plugins to simplify data entry, and Inet is prepared to continuously reformat the survey to simplify content and its presentation.

To engage the mobile user may take different forms such as sending text messages, using QR codes and/or having popover intercepts in a mobile app. This may take place by creating your own mobile panel, accessing other mobile panels, or building intercepts on mobile apps. Or it could be as simple as placing a QR code anywhere to ask someone to take a survey. Please try this by using your smartphone to scan the QR code below.

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