Inet Founder

Inet Founder: Steven L. Goldberg, President, Inet International Inc.

In 1998 Inet International Inc. was founded by Steve Goldberg as a Canadian technology management consulting firm. Inet delivers online research, wireless healthcare projects, and produces the Inet Mini-Conferences. Mr. Goldberg is the president of Inet and sits on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organizations.

Mr. Goldberg started his information technology career at Systemhouse Ltd. as a trainer of minicomputer accounting applications throughout Canada and United States. At Crowntek, he formed an executive collaboration to develop a $30 million IT services business. During his tenure at Cybermation, he transformed the organization from supporting mainframe applications to client/server applications. Prior to Inet, at Compugen he successfully built a high-performance team to meet large government and corporate organizations’ e-business needs. Today at Inet, Mr. Goldberg develops and manages an advanced world wide network of sample providers to gain physician access for online healthcare research studies. In healthcare delivery, he built and his team utilizes the first standardized wireless technology infrastructure to deliver innovative chronic disease management solutions. Through his physician collaboration, their diabetes pilot projects have shown preliminary results of significantly reducing sugar levels (HA1C) among patients with diabetes. He is also on the forefront of discovering the best ways to financially sustain wireless healthcare programs. This latest work, has given Mr. Goldberg the opportunity to co-author an international business model (Wi-Inet Model.)

Mr. Goldberg has a B.A. (Economics and Computer Science) from the University of Western Ontario. In the past he was a program committee member, International Conference on Electronic Commerce Research (ICECR), SMU, Dallas, Texas, he found and served as the Chair of the Wireless IT Committee, ITAC Ontario, and was a Research Associate for the Center of Management Medical Technology (CMMT) Stuart Graduate School of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT. Mr. Goldberg gives talks in Canada and United States on online market research, and wireless technology in Healthcare. He has several papers accepted under peer review for presentation at international conferences, and his work is published in leading international journals.