Key Success Factors

Inet has an extensive array of online panel offerings whether you need consumer, B2B or a health care sample solution. Since 1998 Inet has completed many local and international studies for market researchers by partnering with online panels that focus on quality. Inet key success factor is working with partners that:

  1. Manage multiple online panels that also engage in social networking to source sample such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tweeter. When recruiting hard to find sample Inet may employ telephone to web, typically at the same costs as online sampling.
  2. Use of fingerprint technology to best prevent a respondent registering on an online panel more than once and employing this technology to prevent a respondent registered on multiple panels from completing the same survey more than once.
  3. Employ a rigorous verification process. For instance a USA online panel of physicians typically uses medication education numbers to verify a physician’s registration and mailing addresses double checked with their medical practice.
  4. Offer answers to the 26 ESOMAR Questions. These questions help researchers consider issues which influence whether an online sampling approach is fit for their purpose in relation to a particular set of objectives; for example whether an online sample will be sufficiently representative and unbiased. They will help the researcher ensure that they receive what they expect from an online sample provider.