An Inet Gestational Diabetes Pilot Project

Today, two key and unrelated trends are apparent: 1) Diabetes globally is increasing at an exponential rate and 2) the adoption and embracement of mobile solutions is also increasing. Given this context we decided to investigate the possibility of using a mobile pervasive technology solution to facilitate superior diabetes self-care, especially focusing on management and monitoring. Moreover, we chose to focus on GM (gestational diabetes), since this group of the population typically has a high mobile phone usage and is also very motivated to address their blood glucose issues and thereby avoid possible complications to their baby and/or themselves. The applications below supports this longitudinal DiaMonD study. It uses the GlycemiCare Solution, developed by Inet International Inc. in collaboration with Dr. Sheldon Silver MD to facilitate better diabetes management and monitoring.

A DiaMonD Study GM pilot project is made possible by the generous support of Epworth Healthcare.

To participate in the study as a patient it is as simple as:

  • Please contact your participating Healthcare Professional for your User ID and Password.
  • Make sure your Smartphone has a QR reader, if not download one from your Smartphone.
  • Read the QR code below to access the patient mobile app.
  • Save as bookmark.
  • Once you have the log-in screen, please enter your 6 digit User ID and password.
  • Take a Blood test, and record it.



Patient Mobile Web App

As a patient, to track your results is as simple as clicking the button below to launch the diabetes monitoring portal. To gain access just enter your User ID and Password.

For healthcare professionals please access the diabetes monitoring portal to:

  • Select or enroll patients.
  • View a glucose graph.
  • List or add medications.
  • Send or track instructions.
  • View glucose results in a chart.
  • Display or modify the patient profile.


For inquiries contact:

Professor Nilmini Wickramasinghe, PhD MBA

Professor Digital Health & Deputy Director Iverson Health
Innovation Research Institute
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Professor-Director Health Informatics Management Epworth HealthCare
Epworth HealthCare

Honorary Research Professor Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre