Inet Confirmit To New Level

Inet worked with a well-known Canadian Market Research firm to help them develop an online community panel using the Confirmit platform. Inet programmed the panel providing the client, a telecommunications company with information in real time. The panel supports customer satisfaction surveys to interview various people from diverse samples and provide the client with the data they need on a daily basis. New and existing customers are interviewed either through email or by using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) third party software.

What made the Inet project so unique and challenging was that the data initially sent to the third party IVR company had to be synchronized to the Confirmit database of panelists from the Market Research company. All data was sent back in one file so that client could instantly analyze results.

The programming design by Inet split samples and segment groups into categories such as those using the automated phone system, those using the on-line survey, participates who need to be contacted during specific time periods and in local time zones. The robust sampling engine created by Inet could be automatically loaded into the survey to invite people through email with a click of a few buttons.

Not only did the Inet solution enable the user to categorize groups it also allowed the user to set-up scheduled tasks, run through the database on an hourly basis and identify who should or shouldn’t be contacted. By using Confirmits’ panel management system, Inet handled the survey requirements in specific ways by segmenting varying tasks and degrees of complexity.

The people at Confirmit said the platform performed beyond anything they had envisioned it could do. It was a really innovative use of the platform pushing the envelope of what is possible.